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Brevard County Florida Personal Injury Case Results

When choosing which Personal Injury attorney to hire for your case look carefully at the attorney's recent case results. We give information about when and where the case was resolved.

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Recent Personal Injury Case Results


  $300,000.00  | Nursing Home Neglect | January 2019

Client was negligently treated while in a nursing home while recovering from a recent hospital stay.  She was not properly taken care of by the staff at the nursing home and as a result she sustaned serious bed sores that threatened her health, caused a tremendous amount of pain, and required a great deal of medical treatment. 

$1,200,000.00  | Auto Accident | July 2018  

Client was driving a motorycle in Brevard County Flordia when a truck turned in front of him, thereby violating our client's right of way.  The negligent driving on the part of the truck driver caused an accident to occur as well as serious injuries to the driver of the motorcycle.  Our client sustained numerous broken bones as well as back injuries as a result of the accident. 

$4,200,000.00 | Medical Malpractice, Brain Injuries | September 2017 | 

Client was the victim of medical malpractice that occurred at a hospital in the state of Florida when said hospital failed to adhere to proper protocol and procedures for patients that had been labeled fall risks.    Out client fell out of his bed while sleeping and as a result tragically sufferred serious and permanent brain injures.  

$1,000,000.00 | Auto Accident | August 2017 

Client was rearended while sitting at a stop light by a commerical truck driver who was working for a landscaping company at the time.  Client sustained fractures to his back but survived as well as a variety of soft tissue injuries.  

$1,125,000.00 | Motorcycle Accident | September 2015 

Mr. Coutler represented the estate of a woman who was killed when a motorcycle accident took place at a large and highly publicized parade in Brevard County, Florida.   During the parade, as our client looked on as a spectator on the side  of the road, one of the motorcycles in the parade hopped the curve and ran into our her.  She tragically pased away days later while in the hospital due to the injuries she sustained.    

Auto Accident  | Feb 2018 | $750,000.00

Client was sitting in his motor vehicle at an intersection in Brevard County Florida and was rear-eneded by another driver.   Our investigation comcluded that the at fault driver was texting while driving at the time of the accident.  Our client underwent spinal surgery to address his injuries.

Auto Accident | January 2018 | $280,000.00

Client drove to a dumping station to throw away old furniture that she no longer needed.   While waiting in line at the dumping station a large commercial truck reversed into the vehicle occupied by our client.   Client sufferred a shoulder injury as well as neck and back injuries.  

Dog Bite | May 2018 | $100,000.00

Client was walking her dog in her neighborhood.  She came into contact with neighbors who were also walking their dog.  As they began talking, client reached down to pet her neighbors dog and the dog bit her in her hand, resulting in muitlple puncture wounds.   

Auto Accident | June 2016 | $110,000.00

Client was sitting on a bench located adjacent to a parking lot when a vehicle suddenly popped the curb and struck the bench causing client to fall off the bench and onto the ground.  Client sustained injuries to her knee and leg.

Auto Accident | July 2015      | $230,000.00

Client was the passenger is his friends car when they were t-boned by another driver who then proceeded to leave the scene of the accident.  Client sustained serious spinal injuries to his neck and back as a result of the accident.  The driver of the phantom vehicle was never found or identified.   Fortunately through the investigation of Mr. Coutler and his staff, we were able to find insurance policies that provided coverage for this type of occurrence and were able to recover from them.  

Auto Accident | March 2015  | $65,000.00

Client was a child who was in the back seat of a car when the driver of the vehicle negligently crashed the vehicle after not paying attention to the roadway.  The child sufferred injuries to her hand her hand in the accident, resulting in the need for minor surgery.  

Auto Accident | January 2015 | $1,000,000.00

 Client was rear-ended while at a traffic light in Tampa Bay, Florida. The accident resulted in a fractured vertebrae, herniated discs, and rib fractures.

Dog Bite | March 2016 | $125,000.00

Client was walking down the street in her neighborhood when a dog approached and bit her on her hand.  The bite resulted in puncture wounds and the possible need for future surgery.

Auto Accident | January 2016 | $77,500.00

Client was involved in a relatively low impact auto accident.   Client had multiple pre-existing injuries to her back that were aggregated as a result of the accident.   

Auto Accident | December 2015 | $100,000.00

Client was was hit from behind while stopped at a red light. He sustained herniated discs to the neck and back. 

Auto Accident | March 2015 | 170,000.00

Client was invovled in a motor vehicle accident in which another vehicle negligently merged in front of him in traffic thereby causing the client to drive his vehicle head on into the negligent party's vehicle.   Client sustained multiple injuries to his hands, his lower back and to his rib cage incuding but not limited to broken ribs

Auto Accident | December 2015 | $100,000.00

Client was involved in a rear-end collision resulting in a cervical disc herniation in which surgery was recommended. 

AutoC Accident | January 2015 | $350,000.00

Client was rear-ended while stopped at a traffic light in Melbourne, Florida. The accident resulted in a cervical herniation and the need for surgical intervention by means of anterior cervical discectomy and fusion.

Negligence | January 2015 | $100,000.00

Mr. Coutler’s client, who was a child, was injured while at a local daycare center when those responsible for taking care of her failed to monitor her properly and tender the care and responsibilities that they should have.

Slip and Fall | October 2014 | $750,000.00

Client slipped and fell on the wet floors of a bathroom while dining at a restaurant in Florida with friends. She injured her hand and wrist when she fell which led to the onset of a serious medical condition known as RSD, (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy)

Dog Bite | June 2014 | $90,000

Client was visiting a friends home when their dog jumed up and bit her in the hand.  Client had puncture wounds that requred surgery and left a scar on her raight palm as well as outside portion of her hand.

Auto Accident | April 2014 | $285,000.00

Client was rear-ended while sitting at a traffic light.  He previously had a disc fusion to his cervical spine from an accident years ago.  The hardware that was already in inserted into his spine was jarred loose during his accident and as such, he needed surgical revision to correct the problems. 

Auto Accident | January 2013 | $75,000.00

Mr. Coulter’s client was a young lady who was driving down the street when a negligent driver ignored a red light and entered an intersection in front of her. Her vehicle violently t-boned his vehicle. At impact, her hand was holding onto the steering as she braced herself. The force of the impact broke her wrist resulting in a distal radius fracture. 

Auto Accident | October 2012 | $150,000.00

 Client was side-swiped while on I-95.  Client had preexisting back conditions. The pre-existing symptoms were aggravated as a result of the new accident.

Trucking Accident | April 2012 | $532,000.00

Client was a minor child who was injured in a trucking accident in which she was ejected from a vehicle after being rear-ended by an 18 wheel truck.  The child suffered serious head injuries.

Medical Malpractice / Wrongful Death | 2011 | Over $500,000.00

Mr. Coulter’s client was an infant whom was overdosed while at a Florida Hospital.   An employee from the hospital in question negligently put an excessive amount of potassium into the child IV bag, thereby causing her death.

Auto Accident | January 2011 | $235,000.00

Client was involved in a head-on collision in which client sustained multiple disc herniation’s that impinged upon the client's nerve root. At a later date surgery was performed.

Auto Accident | January 2011 | Over $800,000.00

Client was rear-ended while in moderate traffic on the highway.   She suffered multiple herniated disks within her neck and back. The extent of her injuries required more than one surgery to repair the damaged disks. 

Our recent Personal Injury case result listed on this website do not necessarily represent the results obtained in all cases because not all results are listed. The results in these cases depended on the particular facts and issues presented in those cases.

The facts and circumstances of your case may be very different. Therefore, the results we have obtained in the past are not necessarily an indication of the results that we will obtain in the future for any particular client. No attorney can promise you any particular result in your case. These case results are provided to give you general information about the types of defenses that we have asserted in cases in the past.

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