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Traffic Offenses

Many common traffic violations result in little more than tickets, which is why a majority of people frequently pay to resolve their tickets and to forget about them. Unfortunately, often times by doing this without electing to either attend a traffic school or electing to hire an attorney to handle the traffic citations for them, by simply paying the fine a great number of terrible consequences can come about.  When an individual receives a traffic ticket in the state of Florida, also referred to as a civil citation,  there are a vast number of different negative collateral consequences that can occur which negatively effects individuals driving record and sometimes their criminal record as well.   These collateral consequences including but not limited to: points being added to a motorist’s driving record, an increase in the cost of your auto insurance rates, the risk of your insurance company terminating your from coverage, the loss of employment, the ineligibility for future employment, the loss of a CDL permit, the loss of classification as a safe driver, and even more importantly and most frightening the risk of temporary and/or permanent suspension of an individual's driving privileges in the state of Florida based on a multitude of reasons such as but not limited to; a totality of points on your driving record, the recent accumulation of a certain amount of points, or the unfortunate and often times unfair classification of an individual by the Florida's Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV), as a Habitual Traffic Offender, often times referred to as "HTO".  If you have been classified as a Habitual Traffic Offender by the Florida DSepartment of Safety and Motor Vehicles please contact an attorney as soon as possible.  Time is of the most importance should you hope to save your privileges to drive within the state of Florida and/or should you wish to have an attorney fight to restore your driving privileges.    For further information regarding the classification as a Habitual Traffic Offender in the state of Florida please continue to read below.  You can also contact Mr. Coulter directly should you wish to discuss any problems that you may have regarding your privileges to drive within the state of Florida.  

Criminal Traffic Infractions

Some traffic violations are much more serious than mere tickets. Certain driving offenses are actually classified as criminal charges, resulting in larger fines and even imprisonment.   These type of infractions include but are not limited to the following common infractions:

  • Racing on a Highway
  • DUI
  • Driving while License Suspended or Revoke with Knowledge 
  • Reckless Driving
  • Driving without a Valid DL
  • Leaving the scene of an Accident
  • Expired Drivers License
  • Refusal to Submit to a Breath Test

If you have received a citation for any of the above offences, whether you were taken into custody or simply issued a Notice to Appear before the local magistrate or judge, it is important that you seek counsel to properly advise you of your situation, the maximum penalties you are facing, your rights, and your defenses.   All of these citations carry with them potential jail time if convicted as well as other collateral consequences and should not be taken lightly.   

Melbourne Florida, Brevard County Traffic Offenses Lawyers and State Wide Habitual Traffic Offender Attorneys

Were you recently arrested because of a criminal traffic violation in Florida and or the areas around central Florida such as the city of Melbourne? The Law Offices of James B. Coulter provides legal representation for residents throughout Brevard County Florida as well the rest of Florida for individuals who were either stopped while driving a vehicle in the state of Florida and were issued a civil or criminal citation or whom have been designated as a Habitual Traffic Offender and are having problems restoring or preserving their privilege to drive in in the state of Florida for whatever reason. 

Our Brevard County based traffic offense attorneys help alleged traffic offenders achieve the most favorable outcomes at hearings when traffic schools and plea bargains are not available options.  We also file and argue comprehensive motions to regain the privilege to drive that is often times taken away by the Department of Motor Vehicles when clients are unjustly classified as a Habitual Traffic Offender after paying or entering a plea to driving while their license was revoked, canceled, or suspended.   We will offer a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your case as soon as you call (321) 586-9944 today.  Before hiring counsel, please take a moment to talk to us.  It can not hurt you.  It can only help.   A drivers license is invaluable and all too often the clients come to us after receiving negligent representation from another attorney only to find that it is now too late for us to help.  

How do people become Habitual Traffic Offenders?

If you received a letter from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) also referred to as the "DMV", that your driver's license has been or is soon to be revoked or suspended for a period of five (5) years as a Florida Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) you are being put on notice by Florida's Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles of your classification as well as their intent to take away or suspend your driving privileges.   Often times our client's have no idea how this happened to them and moreover, have no idea what to do about it.   If this has happened to you, you are not alone.   Every year thousands of people suffer from HTO revocation without knowing what they did wrong.  In 2008 the number of HTO notices that were sent out in the state of Florida was over 22,000.  It is estimated that this number has likely increased on a steady basis since then.  It is of the utmost importance that you hire an attorney quickly as the longer you wait, the more difficult it fight the Habitual traffic Offender Classification.  

To be classified as a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) in Florida, your driving record as maintained by Florida's DMV must show that you have accumulated a certain number of "convictions", also referred to as "strikes" against your driver's license.  These strikes reflect that somehow you have been convicted of a certain number of very specific traffic infractions within a specified time period.    In many of these cases, the revocation of an individual's driving privilege results merely from three citations for Driving while License was Suspended.  This usually occurs when the individual never spoke to a lawyer about their options and the consequences before paying the ticket online or entering the plea in open court.   By doing so and paying the ticket or entering a plea in open court without the assistance of an attorney, the individual unfortunately and unbeknownst to themself, enters a plea of guilty which carries a strike against their license that goes toward HTO classification.     In other cases, these individuals had criminal defense attorneys that were not seasoned,  did not know the law, or were careless and never told their client that a potential suspension of their driver's license could result from a plea.  The problem is even further compounded by the fact that many attorneys with the Public Defenders Office are typically not allowed to fight the underlying offenses through post-conviction motions.  Moreover, many attorneys do not understand all of the options available to their clients or the collateral consequences of entering these pleas to the charge of driving while license suspended or revoked.  

We can help you with your classification as a Habitual Traffic Offender. In order to properly review your case, we will need a certified copy of your driving record so we can determine which underlying convictions caused your five-year revocation.  You can bring a certified of your driving record to our office or we can have one ordered after meeting with you to discuss your case and the status of your driver's license.    It is important to act quickly and contact us for a review of your case as certain deadlines exist in these cases which often times can block or diminish the strength of various defenses that are available.   Our Melbourne Florida-based Habitual Traffic Offender attorneys help clients in courts throughout the state of Florida to get their clients their driver's licenses back by filing different motions with the court to retroactively set aside one or more of the convictions that an individual might have on their driving record that has counted as a strike against them on their driving record which then caused them to be designated by the Florida Department as a Habitual Traffic Offender.  By legally attacking one out of the three or more traffic convictions that counted against an individual's record which conjunctively classified them as a Habitual Traffic Offender, through a post-trial conviction motion we are usually able to force the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to reclassify our clients as a drivers who are no longer classified as Habitual Traffic Offenders, and whom therefore become eligible to drive a motor vehicle again after their privilege to drive is restored.  

There is a collateral effect that occurs when we are able to retroactively change and individual's conviction in that after the conviction is eliminated from a client's driving record, the Bureau of Driver Improvement (BDI) with the Division of Driver Licenses at the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will lift the 5 years HTO revocation. Your driver's license can again become valid.  Your auto insurance rates will often time go down and/or you will become eligible for better rates moving forward.  Often times points that were once on your driver's license will also be taken off.  Moreover, if after successfully removing the strikes from our client's record, the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles still refuses to allow them to have their driver's license, our attorneys can also file a writ of certiorari to appeal the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles order of revocation. 

Melbourne Habitual Traffic Offender Lawyer

The Law Offices of James B Coulter proudly represent Habitual Traffic Offender revocation clients throughout Brevard County, Orange County, and throughout the entire state of Florida, including the cities and towns of Melbourne, Satellite Beach, Merritt Island, Titusville, Viera, Cape Canaveral, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Indialantic, Indian Harbour Beach, Melbourne Beach, West Melbourne, Palm Bay, Rockledge, Mims, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville and Duval County and throughout the great state of Florida.   By fighting the Habitual traffic Offender revocation you could save your privilege to drive, as well as numerous amounts of money in increased insurance premiums. 

Feel free to contact Mr. Coulter and his office to set a time to discuss the process as we are happy to help you as we have so many other drivers. Choosing the best attorney to represent you is important to the outcome of your case.  We recommend that you do your own research before hiring an attorney. Search the clerk of courts documentation in your local jurisdiction.  You will likely find numerous motions that Mr. Coulter has filed for different clients over the years relating setting aside their classification as Habitual Traffic Offenders.  Mr. Coulter has had a great deal of success in this area and has been dealing with this issue in open court for years.  If you have been classified as HTO it is important that you choose the correct attorney to handle your case as often times you will only be afforded one chance to argue the correct motion in court and to set aside a previous traffic offense. Please make sure that you have proper counsel at your side who has successfully handled this issue on a regular basis as all too often these motions are denied because they are not argued properly. 

HTO Information Center

  • Florida Habitual Traffic Offender Statistics
  • Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) Driver Licenses Revocations
  • Getting Your License Back after an HTO Revocation
  • Florida Habitual Traffic Offender License Restoration
  • Habitual Traffic Offender Hardship License
  • Your Driving Record

Florida Habitual Traffic Offender Statistics

As a result of many individuals unawareness of attacking one of the original convictions, many individuals endure the 5-year suspension unconscious that they have other options under Florida law. Consistent with the Bureau of Driver Records, the Florida DHSMV released a great amount of habitual traffic offender proclamations:

Habitual Traffic Offender notices for Licensed Florida Drivers:

  • 21,816 in Year 2006
  • 23,753 in Year 2007
  • 22,742 in Year 2008

Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) Driver Licenses Revocations

To become labeled as habitual traffic offender in the State of Florida, a driver's driving record shall consist of certain accumulated traffic offenses. Most HTO revocation cases result from three driving while license suspended cases.  With many habitual traffic offender revocations, individuals convicted choose not to consult with an attorney.  Our Melbourne traffic offense lawyers recommend that locals consult with us to become familiar with their options before entering a plea or settling the ticket. Some attorneys fail to notify their clients that if they enter a plea it would result in a 5-year suspension.  The issue associated with this matter is the fact that attorneys employed with the Public's Defender's Office are obligated not to attack the original convictions through post-conviction motions.  Furthermore, many criminal defense lawyers are not knowledgeable of all of the options available to their clients who are charged with Driving while License Suspended or Revoked. 

Getting Your License Back after an HTO Revocation

Since our attorneys are experienced with fighting Florida Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) revocations, we have successfully removed the habitual traffic offender's status from numerous client's records. Fighting to remove the habitual traffic offender revocation is contingent on timing since different legal challenges can be filed within 30 days after acknowledgment, within 60 days after you were last ticketed or charged with a traffic offense, or inside 2 years after you were charged with the last traffic offense. Most individuals are astonished to discover that they are allowed to file a motion to vacate or set aside a conviction that caused the Florida habitual traffic offender revocation for up to two years after their conviction. Contact Mr. Coulter today to safeguard all possibilities of attack to eradicate the underlying offenses that are the cause of your habitual traffic offender status. Let Mr. Coulter increase your chances of achieving the reinstatement of your driving privileges.

Florida Habitual Traffic Offender License Restoration

According to Florida State Statute §322.331, for Habitual Traffic Offenders eligibility for restoration of one's driver's license is available at the expiration of 5 years from the date the license was revoked.   A person whose license has been revoked under §322.27(5) may petition the department for restoration of driving privileges. Upon such petition and after investigating the person's qualification and fitness to drive, the department shall hold an administrative hearing to determine whether driving privileges shall be restored either on an unrestricted basis or on a restricted basis solely for business or employment purposes.  

Habitual Traffic Offender And The Possibility Of Obtaining A Hardship License

Many individuals may be interested in obtaining a hardship license that will allow them to drive to and from work.  However, individuals convicted as a habitual traffic offender (HTO), are not eligible for a hardship license during the first year that their license was revoked or suspended, meaning that you are not permitted to operate an automobile for any reason.  After the first year, you will be eligible to apply for a hardship license through the Administrative Review Office.  Before obtaining a hardship license individuals shall complete the Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI) School.  In the case of alcohol involvement, individuals will then be required to complete a DUI School program.  After the 5 year Florida Habitual Traffic Offender revocation has expired, residents of Florida can petition through the Administrative Reviews Office to re-establish driving privileges.  When the petition is filed, Florida Department of Highway Saftey for Motor Vehicles will investigate the driver's fitness to drive and other qualifications.  Once the request is accurately filed, the Florida DHSMV is obligated to hold an administrative hearing to settle on whether full driving privileges can be re-established or if driving privileges will only be re-established and restricted for commercial or employment purposes.

You owe it to yourself to talk with an experienced Florida Habitual Traffic Offender lawyer before you continue to suffer the consequences of the HTO suspension.  Many people are surprised to learn that they could have avoided the revocation or suspension by going to court with an experienced attorney.  In some cases, the individual was represented by an attorney who never told them that their plea would subject them to five-year habitual traffic offender revocation.  Those same individuals are even more surprised to learn that it is possible to undo the damage even up to two years later.

Three or more of the following traffic offenses could cause a person in Florida to be labeled as Habitual Traffic Offender

  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
  • Driving While License Suspended or Revoked (DWLSR)
  • Vehicular Manslaughter
  • Certain felonies while using a motor vehicle;
  • Failing to stop and as required under the laws of this state in the event of a motor vehicle crash resulting in the death or personal injury of another
  • Operation a commercial vehicle while privilege is disqualified

Your Driving Record

You must submit a written request to obtain a copy of your driving record. Visit the Florida DHSMV to review the requirements for obtaining a copy of your driving record.

Florida Department of Highway Safety for Motor Vehicles

Bureau of Records

2900 Apalachee Parkway, MS 90

Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0575

Phone: (850) 617-2000 

Brevard County Driver License Offices

601 East University Blvd

Melbourne, FL 32901-7121

Phone: (321) 984-4930


2290 Columbia Blvd

Titusville, FL 32780-7032

Phone: (321) 383-2762


240 East Eau Gallie Blvd

Indian Harbour, FL 32937

Phone: (321) 779-4009


1450 North Courtenay

Merritt Island, FL 32953

Phone: (321) 455-1412


450 Cogan Drive SE

Palm Bay, FL 32908

Phone: (321) 952-4540


Florida Traffic Offenses Information Center

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Types of Traffic Offenses in the City of Melbourne and surrounding Areas of Brevard County,  and the rest of Florida

The Law Offices of James B. Coulter helps Floridians with a wide variety of traffic citations, from seemingly minor tickets to misdemeanor and felony offenses. We thoroughly investigate every case and fight to defend our clients at hearings in courts all over the Palm Bay area.

Some of the most common types of traffic tickets we handle include but are not limited to:

  • Driving While License Suspended — Under Florida Statute one can be charged with either with violating a criminal statute or a civil violation.   The difference means everything in the grand scheme of things and the manner by which one would defend it. 
    • An individual can be charged via civil citation with Driving While License Canceled Suspended or Revoked WITHOUT knowledge or in the alternative, one can also be charged criminally with Driving While License Canceled Suspended or Revoked WITH knowledge.  Both charges are much more serious then they appear as they can have collateral effects one one's driving record, their auto insurance, their criminal record, their background checks, and both can also count as one of three strikes against an individual that can and often times and does lead to a Defendant being classified as a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO).  Once classified as HTO under Florida Statutes, the Department will revoke an individual's driving privileges for a period of 5 years and they will not be eligible for a hardship for a period of one year.  In many ways that punishment for convictions of Driving While License is Canceled Suspended or Revoked can be harsher than for that of a DUI.   
    • It is also important to note that under Florida statutes the first criminal conviction for driving while knowing a license or driving privilege has been canceled, suspended, or revoked is a second-degree misdemeanor.   The same offense becomes a first-degree misdemeanor punishable by one year of jail time and fines if an alleged offender is convicted of this offense for the second time, and every subsequent conviction thereafter can be is classified and charged as a third-degree felony punishable by 5 years in state prison and a fine.  
    • Often times individuals in the state of Flordia that have received a simple citation for Driving While License, Canceled, Suspended, or Revoked, do what they believe is the correct and responsible thing to do and they pay their citation either at the local clerk of court's office or online with the clerk of courts.  Unfortunately, what these individuals do not know is that by doing so they have admitted to guilt with regards to the citation and consequently they are then automatically adjudicated guilty of the civil citation on their record.  Once an individual has been adjudicated of guilty of the civil citation of Driving While License Canceled, Suspended, or Revoked the Department of Motor Vehicles will automatically count the adjudication of guilt against that individual as one of three strikes toward becoming classified as a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO).  As such, if this has happens to you or a loved one, it is very important that you contact an attorney as soon as you realize what has happened to allow that attorney enough time to file a post-conviction motion for relief to change, modify, set aside, and/or correct the judgement and the record and to avoid any manifest injustice and/or the revocation of one's driving privileges before it is too late.    For more information please continue on and read the literature that we have provided for relating to the HTO status and the classification of individuals as Habitual Traffic Offenders, and the effects of such in the state of Florida and in the Melbourne Florida Brevard County are.   
  • Fleeing and Eluding — It is a third-degree felony under Florida Statute § 316.1935 for the driver of any vehicle to willfully flee in an attempt to elude or refuse or fail to stop the vehicle when he or she has knowledge that he or she was ordered to stop by a duly authorized law enforcement officer. This becomes a second-degree felony if the motorist drives at high speed or in any manner that demonstrates a wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property, and it is a first-degree felony if these alleged actions cause serious bodily injury or death to another person.
  • Leaving the Scene of an Accident — Under Florida Statute § 316.061, it is a second-degree misdemeanor if a driver fails to return to or remain at the scene of a crash he or she was involved in without fulfilling his or her duty to give information and render aid. Under Florida Statute § 316.027(2)(a), this becomes a third-degree felony if the crash results in injury to another person other than serious bodily injury. It is a second-degree felony under Florida Statute § 316.027(2)(b) if the crash results in serious bodily injury to another person, and this is a first-degree felony under Florida Statute § 316.027(2)(c) if the crash results in death to another person.
  • Open Container — It may be a misdemeanor under Florida Statute § 316.1936 for a driver to consume an alcoholic beverage or possess any container of alcoholic beverage which is immediately capable of being consumed from or the seal of which has been broken while operating a vehicle in Florida.
  • Reckless Driving — It is a first-degree misdemeanor under Florida Statute § 316.192 if any motorist causes damage to the property or person of another while fleeing a law enforcement officer or driving any vehicle in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property. If such operation causes serious bodily injury to another person, this becomes a third-degree felony.
  • Speeding — Driving at an unlawful speed under Florida Statute § 316.183 is generally considered noncriminal traffic infractions, but driving excess speeds of more than 15 miles per hour (mph) over posted speed limits can lead to additional driving record points and increased fines.

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Driving Record Points for Traffic Offenses in Melbourne, Florida

One of the primary consequences of simply paying any ticket is that this has the same effect as pleading guilty to or being convicted of a traffic violation. The driver will thus have a certain number of points added to his or her driving record, depending on the specific offense.

The values that are assigned to some of the most common traffic violations include the following:

Child restraint violation

3 points

Improper lane change

3 points


3 points

Open container as an operator

3 points

Speeding (15 mph or less over the speed limit)

3 points

Failing to stop at a traffic signal

4 points

Moving violation resulting in a crash

4 points

Passing a stopped school bus

4 points

Reckless driving

4 points

Speeding (More than 15 mph over the speed limit)

4 points

Violation of a traffic control sign or device

4 points

Leaving the scene of a crash resulting in property damage of more than $50

6 points

Speeding resulting in an crash

6 points

All other moving violations

3 points

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License Suspension for Brevard County Traffic Offenses

If a motorist accumulates a certain number of driving record points within certain time frames, he or she can have his or her license suspended by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. The possible lengths of suspension are as follows:

  • 12 points within 12 months — License suspended for 30 days;
  • 18 points within 18 months — License suspended for three months; and
  • 24 points within 36 months — License suspended for one year.

If a motorist is convicted of 15 moving traffic violations for which points can be assessed within a five-year period, he or she may be designated as a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO). Under Florida Statute § 322.264, this designation can lead to a person’s driver’s license being suspended for up to five years or permanently revoked.

Three or more convictions of any one or more of the following offenses arising out of separate acts can also lead to HTO designation:

  • Any driving under the influence (DUI) violation;
  • Any felony in which the commission required the use of a motor vehicle;
  • Driving a commercial motor vehicle while privilege is disqualified;
  • Driving while license suspended or revoked;
  • Failing to stop and render aid in a motor vehicle crash resulting in death or personal injury; and
  • Operating a motor vehicle that resulted in voluntary or involuntary manslaughter.

Suspended Drivers License due to being designated a Habitual Traffic Offender

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Florida Traffic Offenses Resources

Brevard County Sheriff's Office — This website page contains information about the Traffic Enforcement Section of the agency, including the number of hours worked and specific citations issued. You can also find additional information about the Sheriff’s Office on this website such as an agency directory, off-duty services, and answers to frequently asked questions.

700 Park Avenue
Titusville, Florida 32780
(407) 254-7000

Brevard County Clerk of Courts — This page of the Clerk of Courts website is dedicated to traffic ticket options, allowing you to either pay the civil penalty as stated on citation, enter a plea of not guilty, elect to attend traffic school, enter a plea of nolo contendere, or submit proof with $10 dismissal fee. You can also download the Clerk's Traffic Ticket Options Guide.

51 Nieman Avenue, Suite 100
Melbourne, FL 32901
(321) 637-5413

Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) — This is the state agency responsible for issuing driver licenses, motor vehicle titles, and license plates in addition to overseeing the Florida Highway Patrol. The website has agency news, handbooks and manuals, driver vehicle reports and statistics, and a DHSMV Answers section that allows you to search for answers to frequently asked questions.

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Traffic Offenses Lawyer in Melbourne, Florida serving the entire Brevard County Community

If you have received a traffic ticket in the state of Florida, it is in your best interest to seek legal counsel. The The Law Offices of James B. Coulter represents residents  with traffic citations and individuals that are facing a 5-year habitual traffic offender drivers license suspension / revocation through the state of Florida including:

Brevard County, Florida Viera, Satellite Beach, Capo Canaveral, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Melbourne Beach, Indialantic Beach,  Indian Harbor Beach, Rockledge, Palm Bay, Mims, Titusville, Grant, Valkaria, Eau Gallie, West Melbourne

Orange County, Florida Orlando, Winter Garden, Winter Park, Apopka, Windermere, Ocoee, Maitland, Oakland, Lake Buena Vista, Belle Isle, Eatonville, Edgewood, Alafaya, Clarcona, Lake Mary Jane, University Park

Miami Dade County, Florida Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Homestead, Hialeah, Doral, Aventura, North Miami, North Miami Beach, Miami Gardens, South Miami, Key Biscayne, Miami Lakes, Sunny Isles Beach, Cutler Bay, Opa-locka

Volusia County, Florida Daytona Beach, DeLand, New Smyrna Beach, Ormond Beach, Deltona, Port Orange, Orange City, Edgewater, DeBary, South Daytona, Ponce Inlet, Holly Hill, Daytona Beach Shores, Oak Hill, Lake Helen, Pierson

Broward County, Florida Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Pompano Beach, Pembroke Pines, Coral Springs, Plantation, Davie, Deerfield Beach, Weston, Sunrise, Miramar, Hallandale Beach, Coconut Creek, Lauderhill, Tamarac, Dania Beach

Seminole County, Florida Sanford, Oviedo, Longwood, Winter Springs, Lake Mary, Altamonte Springs, Casselberry, Wekiwa Springs 

Lake County, Florida Clermont, Lady Lake, Leesburg, Tavares, Mount Dora, Eustis, Minneola, Groveland, Umatilla, Fruitland Park, Mascotte, Monteverde, Howey-in-the-Hills, Astatula, Grand Island

Our firm will fight to have criminal charges in these cases significantly reduced or entirely dismissed.  Our Brevard County based traffic offense attorneys will provide a complete evaluation of your case when you call (321) 586-9944 today to schedule a free, confidential consultation.

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